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Custom Cleaning Program

Owner-Operator Concepts

Our system is different from most of the other current cleaning systems. Nowadays, janitors lack loyalty to their jobs and quit easily. One factor contributing to this problem is the minimum wage they are paid, which decreases their motivation to work. What distinguishes us is that all our employees clean buildings on an “Owner-Operator Concepts” basis. They make more money than other regular cleaning employees and work hard because their success depends upon the quality of their performance. Evergreen Cleaning Systems is bonded and fully insured. All our employees are well trained and receive ongoing training from our regional office. They know how to clean and know what to do to secure customer satisfaction.
Tailored Janitorial Proposal
Evergreen Cleaning Systems does not charge too much or too little for our services. Our services come at a reasonable price to the value seeker who understands the relationship between price and quality. Every structure is looked into and measured to determine its size. Stairwells and elevators are all accounted for, and included in our calculations. Restrooms are also included in our inspection and evaluation of the building. The rate of floor type is also checked, whether it is carpeted or not.
Professional Building Services
A clean building is a happy building, and we know that. That is why we make sure to keep your building in top-notch shape so that the tenants will remain happy. Happy tenants will usually refer others to your building as word gets around. At the same time, we know that the kind of professional building services that we provide will make our business succeed. Our staff is knowledgeable in the maintenance of all types of floors, including asphalt, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, concrete, wood, and cork. We know how to keep flooring in good condition by applying the “buff and restore program.” Our expertise will enable us to define which shampoo method is the best for your carpet – with the right method, the life of your carpet will be dramatically extended. It takes a special know-how to decipher what kind of chemical is the best for your building’s maintenance. We know how to deal with all kinds of cleaning equipment, and we provide ongoing training to our employees from our regional office to familiarize them with new equipment.
Evergreen Cleaning Systems is different from conventional cleaning systems. Our employees always wear uniforms and employ our special “Three-Point-Check System.”
1. Owner-Operator Concept Systems
Each employee works through the “Owner Cleaning Concept.” They provide your building with the special mixture of service and quality that only a business owner can provide.
2. Communication Systems
Our special “Five Way” communication forms ensure that cleaning quality stays at its best. Our communication also prevents cleaning quality from breaking down over time and provides a channel through which we can respond to customer complaints.
3. Regional Center Support Systems
All employees receive ongoing training from our regional center. Employees receive special training concerning the operation of new equipment. We also provide our employees with consultation and operational support to ensure customer satisfaction.
Custom Cleaning Program
The size of your building does not matter. We clean buildings of all sizes, large and small. Our employees are well trained. They are there to provide excellent-quality services and work hard no matter what the size of your building may be. We provide daily, weekly and monthly services. Our services cover a wide spectrum of structures that includes commercial, industrial and medical facilities, schools, and government and apartment buildings.
Excellent References Available

We have many excellent references available. These come from the gamut of our customers, ranging from small offices that we are currently maintaining once a week and large commercial buildings we clean every day. References are also available from our condominium and apartment complex customers, from small complexes we clean weekly to larger sites we clean every day. References from the following customers can be provided:
• General Electric
• Minolta
• Gateway Country
• Barnes & Noble
• Department of Rehabilitation (State of California)
• Encino Oaks (525-Unit Condominiums)
• Adair Office Furniture
• Edwards Theatre
• First Bank & Trust
• Pacific Alliance Medical Center
• JKW Properties
• Tom Flesch Realty
• MZL Properties
• Commercial Property Management

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